About the Branding Obamessiah Blog — The Second Coming of Obamessiah

November 16, 2011

F or five years I tracked Barack Obama’s rise from Chicago politics to the US presidency. You can read all about it in my book, Branding Obamessiah: The Rise of an American Idol . I discovered how Team Obama developed the “Sacred Six” to brand their candidate with the messianic overtones and undercurrents that many voters sought in a candidate during troubling domestic and international times.

Since taking the White House in 2008, however, Team Obama has witnessed its messianic figure’s fall from grace. Now Obama’s key advisers are faced with the difficult task of rebranding their fallen man for the 2012 election. I’m tracking the rebranding very closely on all fronts for my next book.

M eanwhile, on this blog I post some of my thoughts along the way. My goal is to show that rebranding a formerly messianic candidate is no easy task when the heavenly figure can’t live up to the once-blessed celestial image. To resurrect their candidate’s religious icon, Obama’s brand managers will have to call on even more religious rhetoric, especially scapegoating. Someone will have to “pay” for the political missteps and economic mistakes of the last three years. We’ll watch and see whether Obamessiah can be resurrected and his devotional movement revived for 2012.

It should be an interesting journey of faith in the power of devotional branding—for Team Obama and for the Republicans, who seem to lack the soul they need to make their own ascension complete in 2012.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

—Mark Edward Taylor