Are Obama’s True Believers Tired or Thrilled?

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by Mark Edward Taylor on March 20, 2012

Are Obama’s devoted followers feeling hope and change fatigue? President Barack Obama acknowledged that many of his supporters might be experiencing reelection exhaustion. “Remember what we said in the last campaign—real change, big change would be hard. It takes time. It may take more than a single term, it may take more than a single president,” Obama said while campaigning in Chicago. “It’s not as trendy to be involved in the Obama campaign as it was back then,” Obama said. “Some of you have rolled up those ‘Hope’ posters and they’re in a closet somewhere.”

Chris Matthews, who turned on his favorite president recently, appears to have turned back. “Romney can’t do what that guy just did,” Matthews said of GOP rival Rick Santorum while covering the Republican primaries in Arizona and Michigan. “That means on the stump he can’t turn people on. He can’t turn them on after he wins or after he loses.” Matthews opined that Romney “lacks this guy’s passion, and I think that’s a real loss.”

Matthews had unexpectedly excoriated Obama back in November. “What are we trying to do in this administration? Why does he want a second term? Would he tell us?” the MSNBC host complained. Now Matthews appears repentant, again measuring Obama by his former standard of success—the ability to thrill. “Barack Obama can do both. He has a brain, and he has a heart, and he can cause a thrill in the American people because he has both. He can have a vision, and he can have a passion to go with that vision. I don’t see it getting together for the Republicans here, and I think it’s a real challenge for them.”


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