Table of Contents

November 9, 2011

Foreword by Cal Thomas

1  Getting in the Game

PART ONE • Changing the Political Game
2  Selling an American Product
3  Marketing Subconscious Spirituality
4  Branding Obamessiah
5  Revealing the Sacred Six

PART TWO • Composing a Creation Story
6  Filling In Obama’s Missing Years
7  Targeting His Anger
8  Remembering Fiction

PART THREE • Chanting Sacred Words
9  Keeping It Simple
10  Feeling In the Blanks
11  Seizing American Exceptionalism
12  Changing the Truth

PART FOUR • Venerating Sacred Images
13  Seeing as Believing
14  Photographing Deity
15  Flipping through Obamagazines
16  Sheparding the Sheeple
17  Landing Logobama
18  Viewing Negatives

PART FIVE • Observing Sacred Rituals
19  Traveling with Brother Love’s Salvation Show
20  Multitasking for the Messiah
21  Collecting Campaign Relics
22  Pilgrimaging to Holy Places

PART SIX • Bringing in Believers
23  Crowding around the One
24  Programming Intimacy
25  Tuning In to Barockstar

PART SEVEN • Coloring the Messiah
26  Absolving the National Guilt
27  Changing the Election’s Complexion
28  Building a Millenarian Movement


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