November 9, 2011

I n the beginning Team Obama created the Sacred Six for branding Obamessiah. The Democrats were without form and void of leadership, and darkness was over the face of the convention and their nomination of John Kerry. But the spirit of Axelrod was hovering over the arena floor with the delegates and the press corps and the teleprompters.

Then Obama rose to the podium and said, “Let there be the audacity of hope.” He declared that his black-and-white parents shared an “improbable love.” And he said his African name Barack meant “blessed.” And it was good. And the evening of the 2004 Democratic National Convention’s keynote speech was very good. Thus Obama created his story, and he divided the good that was community organizing from the bad that was Chicago politics; and it appeared so. And many hearers called the story heavenly. So the creation story became the first part of “The Plan.”

Then Obama said, “Let there be ‘hope’ and ‘change’ and ‘beliefs’ we can believe in; and let these sacred words sanctify posters and bumper stickers, and T-shirts and mantras. And let them be made manifest across Facebook and Twitter and many blogs after their kind. And let them yield YouTube videos and let them be chanted at rallies and let them be believed.” And Obama set them in the speeches and in the press releases, to cover over experience and over substance, and to give life and light to his campaign. And Obama saw that it was good. So the sacred words bore fruit for “The Plan.”

Then Obama said, “Let us make me in their image, according to their own likeness. And let me have dominion over the net of the web, over the waves of the television, and over the print of the periodicals.” And Obama made two great lights, which emanated from his head: the greater sunbeams to rule the day and the lesser halos to rule the night. So photographers set their apertures to give light to Obama, and artists yielded logos and posters to divide the light from the darkness. And Obama saw that it was good. So the sacred images summoned support for “The Plan.”

T hen Obama said, “Let the rallies abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let babies be passed above the crowds, and let some faint in the front rows and I will pass them bottles of water and call the medics.” And Obama blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply across MyBO.com. Let Generation Obama yield worldwide donors after their kind—but using only untraceable prepaid credit cards. And let them collect me on baseball caps and baby Onesies and commemorative plates—but not the lowly Chia Head. And let them pilgrimage to my favorite Chicago restaurants and to my Hyde Park barbershop and to my Rezko home—but not when I happen to be there.” And Obama saw that it was good. So the sacred rituals galvanized followers for “The Plan.”

Then Obama said, “Let us gather the true believers—along with the bundlers and the special interests—and let us declare “We” rather than “I.” So he caused them to stare at pinpointed maps and strategize in office buildings. And they thought as a group and discarded old dogmas and proclaimed, “Yes We Can!” And Obama blessed them, and Obama said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it with budding Obamites; and let government have dominion over the banks and the businesses and the health care system.” And Obama saw that it was good. So the zealous Obamites fell into step with “The Plan.”

And Obama said, “Let me redeem the guilt of the white man and let me shore up the allegiance of the darker complected. And let melanin sway the election. And let them appear united.” And his color absorbed the reproach and promised the entitlements and deflected the criticism; and Obama brought forth race to conquer and to subdue. Even Jackson and Sharpton and those after their kind were gathered together with him in one place. And Obama saw that it was very good. So the mixed-race messiah completed “The Plan.”

And Obama saw the Sacred Six which had branded him, and which had made him Obamessiah; and it was very good. Thus the branding of Obamessiah was completed.

So Obama blessed his Election Day and sanctified it, but he would not rest from all his campaigning which he had done. For this victory alone was not fully the change that he sought, as he did not want things to go back to the way they were.

For he had promised that America would change.

And so Obama would not rest.

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