Inside Rev. Wright’s “Cardboard Box”

by Mark Edward Taylor on May 17, 2012

E dward Klein’s new book about Barack Obama, , takes its title from an alleged quote by former President Bill Clinton. Calling Obama an “amateur” is only one of many stunning claims offered in Klein’s unauthorized biography.

But Clinton’s criticism of his wife’s earlier presidential rival is minor compared to allegations made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright during a three-hour interview recorded with the author. Here are a few of the allegations made by Obama’s former pastor, mentor, and close friend:

  • Wright was offered $150,000 by a close Obama associate in exchange for his refusal to preach until after the 2008 election.
  • “Church is not their thing. It was never their thing,” Wright said of the First Couple. He agreed with Klein’s observation that “the church was an integral part of his politics…because he needed that base.”
  • Camp Clinton was complicit in capitalizing on Wright’s fiery rhetoric and paying black pastors to openly attack Wright.
  • Obama “was selected before he was elected” and is now “accountable to the ones who selected him and who paid for him to be the president.”

Sean Hannity has interviewed Klein on his Fox News show and posted audio clips of the Wright interview up on his website. And Glenn Beck has offered Wright $150,000 for the cardboard box in which he apparently keeps more of Obama’s secrets.

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