Rick “Satan”torum’s Monster Lighting

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by Mark Edward Taylor on February 22, 2012

Fresh evidence of the media visually demonizing GOP candidates while pictorially deifying President Obama. Rick Santorum declared that Satan was “attacking the great institutions of America” in a 2008 speech at Florida’s Ava Maria University. The Republican contender has been defending his controversial statements since the Drudge Report shined its light on the comments Monday.

“I’m a person of faith,” Santorum said without apology. “I believe in good and evil.” Judging from the photos taken at an outdoor rally last week in Tacoma, Washington, it might be difficult to determine which side the candidate is on. This particular image from that rally accompanied a recent New York magazine article by Frank Rich.

The photos show Santorum lit from below. This technique is commonly referred to as “monster” lighting because it casts horror movie-like shadows across the subject’s face.

The images are eerily reminiscent of John McCain’s badly lit Atlantic cover from October 2008 and photographer Jill Greenberg’s shockingly vile outtakes from the shoot.

This kind of visual negativity has been a rare event for Obama. He has been routinely deified rather than demonized in photos. The mainstream media seems much more inclined to flatter his image, the light shining down from above.

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